International Tax Planning

International Tax Planning

Helping You Avoid Problems with International Tax Liability

Do you own any foreign assets? If so, then it’s essential that you include these offshore properties in your estate plan.

With the assistance of an experienced and knowledgeable international tax attorney from Easy Estate Probate, you’ll be able to understand your tax liability in the U.S. as well as how foreign tax laws may affect your assets and tax liability.

The legal professionals at Easy Estate Probate work with you so that you can make sense of complicated tax codes in the U.S. and abroad. This means that  Your attorney at Easy Estate Probate will help you navigate through the complicated IRS Code and set up a structure to minimize taxes, but ensure that you are IRS compliant.

With a free consultation, you will soon have any international tax issues well under control.

Explaining International Tax Law

Most people never have to consider international tax law and how it may affect their estate. That changes if you hold any investments, assets, or property in a foreign country. A legal practice that focuses on international tax law understands the tax laws and their application across multiple jurisdictions.

Whether your foreign interests are personal or business in nature, it is critical that you work with a qualified international tax planning attorney from Easy Estate Probate.

How Can an International Tax Planning Attorney Help You?

One of the main reasons that people seek the advice of an international tax planning attorney is so that they do not make a potentially costly mistake. However, Easy Estate Probate can do much more for clients.

The goal of any international tax planning attorney is to help their client capture unique opportunities that make it possible for clients to grow their assets and thrive. This primarily is accomplished through identifying tax credits and deductions that have the effect of lowering your overall tax liability. Accordingly, you can save money, potentially thousands of dollars.

Living Outside of America? Easy Estate Probate Can Help

American citizens who decide to live overseas frequently are surprised to learn that they still may owe taxes to the IRS. Accordingly, they must pay taxes in the U.S. as well as in the foreign country that they have chosen to reside in.

Making the situation even more complicated is the fact that countries have entered into multiple tax treaties, and reporting requirements may vary from one jurisdiction to another.

With the help of Easy Estate Probate, you can protect yourself and structure you assets in a tax efficient manner no matter where you live.

Free consultation

Contact Easy Estate Probate today to discover common-sense solutions for your international tax planning needs. With the assistance of our legal team, it is possible for you to limit your tax liability both in the U.S. and abroad.

We can handle all aspects of international tax planning, including helping you to select a business entity type that will provide you with the most protection and the lowest tax liability. Even if you are an individual who is interested in making investments or operating a small business in a foreign country, it is wise to carefully consider whether you make those financial moves as an individual or as a properly organized entity.

Easy Estate Probate can help you decide the best strategy for your foreign operations and investments today as well as with an eye toward estate planning for the future.

With Easy Estate Probate, leaving an international legacy is easier than you ever imagined.

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